Quick Guide to the Power Stake Community Earnings Platform | Ethereum Based Earnings Platform

Seven Step Introduction & Visual Guide To The Community Earnings Platform:

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Seven Step Instruction Guide


Install MetaMask metamask.io or Trust Wallet https://trustwallet.com/ and make sure you have some Ethereum in it.


To buy POWER, simply click the "Buy POWER Coins" button and enter the amount
of Ethereum you want to convert to POWER, based on the current Buy Price.

When confirming the transaction in your Wallet, be sure to use a high enough Gas price
so that the price doesn't change drastically while the transaction is in progress.

Buying Coins will increase both the Buy Price and Sell Price with 0.00000001 ETH
per bought coin once the transaction is complete.


Under "Your Coins" you can see how many POWER you currently own.

Note that when cashing out coins, the Buy Price and Sell Price drop afterwards,
decreasing the value of your (and everyone else's) coins by 0.00000001 ETH per coin.


Every time POWER are bought, sold or transferred, a percentage of the fee from the
bought/sold coins will distributed to all the current POWER Coin holders (Dividends).


You can move your coins into Dividends which then is stored as Ethereum.
To do this click on the "Sell POWER Coins" button - and your coins
will be exchanged into Ethereum based upon the current sell price.


You can also use your dividends to immediately purchase more
POWER Coins by selecting the "Reinvest ETH" button.


To cash out your POWER Coins, click the "Withdraw" button
and follow the confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Your Referral Link:

Your Referral Link to Copy and Share (gives you 30% of the generated Dividends):
(A minimum of one POWER Coin needed to activate link)